Why Us

Bioassociate is a young vibrant team of industry experts who have extensive experience in working with regulatory authorities, investment entities and early- and mid-stage life science companies operating in the world’s most entrepreneurial scientific arena. Our multidisciplinary structure means that we are able to understand all aspects of a business and to deliver extensive coverage, but, most importantly, it means that we have the necessary expertise to comprehensively fill all strategic gaps in a life science business model.

More so than for large global corporations, taking a business through to fruition and long-lasting success is in our utmost interest. We are armed with Israel’s entrepreneurial inspiration and an in-depth knowledge of the latest scientific developments. We operate in a fast-paced, ever-changing bio-science arena which means that the projects we work on are produced with scrutiny and are never isolated from the entirety of the industry and of the economy.

We specialize in the life sciences, which means that we put a particular emphasis on the technology behind the business, and are able to mould all other strategic elements around the science. Clarity, transparency, creativity and visibility are ingredients in our recipe for success, and our aim is to nurture and to accommodate the solid science with all the elements that are required for it to prosper commercially.

Meet the Bioassociate Team